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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.

{G} = Gossamer {A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy {W} = Whispers of X

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F. The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others. Enjoy!

NOTE: The recoding project would never have been possible without the amazing input and assistance of AJ, Andrea ParCouer, banlu, bellefleur, celee, dana777, julie, Shelba, & xphilernj. Everybody should have such willing volunteers. Thank you, every one!

Many lists have been split into sublists by character, which should make it easier to find what you're looking for. Hopefully these changes will make it that much easier for dedicated readers to find the stories they love to read.

These existing lists had new titles added. Look for on the various main pages to find them. New titles on the lists are indicated by a plus sign (+).

Adoption Angst
Adoption Option
After All These Years
Agents Fight to Reunit
Alternate Universe
Amnesia (added Altered Memories sublist)
Baby William
Big Brother William
Cancer Arc
Car Accidents
Daddy Doggett
Dark & Disturbing
Diana Fowley
Don't Dis My Partner (or Agent)
Emily is Still Alive
Feathers, Fins & Fur
Food Fics
Fruits & Vegetables
Gibson Praise
Going to the Ball
Great Series
He Said, She Said
Historical Alternate Universe
Inspired By...
Inspired By A Song
Kidnapped/In Peril/Held Hostage (sorted & added-to)
Little Brother William
Love Beyond Death
Luke is Still Alive
Medieval Times
Mulder is a Single Dad
Mulder/Other Leading to MSR
Multiple Babies
New Year's Eve/Day
Non-Canon Kids
Not Born of Woman
Other Dimensions
Playing Games (sorted)
Post-Col Children
Post-Colonization Stories
Post-Finale Fics
Pregnant Reyes
Pregnant Scully
Pre-XF Childhoods
Professor/Teacher Mulder (note category name change)
Samantha is Still Alive
Seminars/Team Building
A Sequel by Any Other Name
Should Have Told You Sooner
Story Within A Story
Stuck Everywhere
Stuck in a Hotel
Sweaty Fic
There's a First Time For Everything
Toe-Curling Kisses
Undercover Fics
William As a Kid
William As a Toddler

The following new lists were added. Look for on the various main pages to find them.

Back For An Encore (second appearance by a canon villain - not post-ep)
Back to the Future (someone's offspring travels through time to meet them)
Caring, Protective, Alpha-Male Mulder Batter Up!
"Disappeared" Fics
Doggett/Reyes Kids
DRR: Doggett/Reyes Romance
A Force to Be Reckoned With Forever Works In Progress
Frantic Kisses Long Delayed
Fuzzy and Furry
Got Milk?
Had Kids With Others (from deliberate relationships)
He Shoots! He Scores!
He's Baaack! (other characters react to Mulder rising from the dead)
Interracial Relationships
It's the End of the World As We Know It (and not an alien in sight)
Like A Sister (adult Samantha from Redux II)
Living in Hiding
Lost Memories of MSR (someone has amnesia and forgot the 'ship)
Matthew Scully
Mind Control (someone else is messing with their minds)
Movie Moments (is it live, or is it Memorex? Watching or receiving videos)
Mulder/Melissa Scully
Mulder Seduces Scully
Mulder Was Abducted But Returned in a Different Way
Mulder Was Never Abducted (but Scully's still pregnant)
My Kingdom For A Sequel!
Non-Canon Siblings (of M&S)
One-Hit Wonders (the only story we know of by these authors)
Perfect Pairs (but not enough for a series)
Post-Episode Season 9
Scully Pops the Question (she asks Mulder to marry her)
Scully's Not Pregnant And Mulder Never Left (post-Requiem)
Sequels Incomplete
Song Fic in the Key of X
Song Lyrics in the Title (includes Holiday Song sublist)
The Song's Title IS the Title (includes Holiday Song sublist)
Sports of All Kinds
They Couldn't Help Themselves
Winter Fics (not necessarily stuck fics)

The fabulous search engine has been removed since it never worked quite right, and therefore wasn't fabulous.

All credit for this update, other than the actual website work, goes to Neoxphile, bellefleur, xfanatic, Edna, Elsa and all the volunteers at the Lost and Found Message Board who have suggested themes or collected titles. Enormous thanks to Cratkinson for building this site and taking care of it all these years. We never could have kept these lists going without her hard work.