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LA-X-Files Fanfiction Archive
stories by a group of authors, plus their recommendations.

The Naked Eye
recommendations as well as several authors' sites.

Take Me to Your Leader
archive of five authors

X-Files Fan Fiction Links Authors' Pages--COMING SOON
Links to the webpages of just about every author you can think of!

Absent Authors
We've seen a few authors retire over the years.
Some of them take their toys . . . ahem, I mean
their stories with them when they leave. This is
a list of the people we know who have left and
cleaned house at the same time. You won't find
these fics on Gossamer or in the usual archives.

Katherine Benton
prufrock's love
Tim Scott
Deborah Wells

The best way to find their fics is to ask at The Lost and Found Message Board and someone will help you find a copy. But first,check out the Endangered Fics page that was generated by the closing of Geocities' free site hosting.

This list is still in progress. If you are looking for a missing author, please submit a request and we'll track them down, find their stories, and add the information to this FAQ.

Also Known As
Many authors write under two or more names. We're going to include the aliases that we're sure the authors want people to know. We won't make available any author's real name or a name they're trying to separate themselves from - even if it's common knowledge. Please let us know if we've missed someone or if we've included something we shouldn't have.

NOTE: If you come across a title on one of the lists that you recognize but the author's name doesn't ring a bell, be aware that a number of people have changed their writing name for any number of reasons. The names listed with the stories are the ones I was able to verify as being on Gossamer. So hopefully they're as up-to-date as possible and will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Sue Esty = Windsinger

Hannah Mason = syntax6

Jean Helms = Susan Jameson

MCA = Mesa = M. C. Akimoto

Laura Castellano = TexxasRose = Sarah Kingman = Witness Protection

shannono = Noelle Leithe = Lysistrata

Jennifer-Oksana = Jennifer Stoy

Suzanne Schramm = Allison Kinney

Dawson Rambo = xfbandit

Lysandra = Teigen = Gnatalie

Humbuggie = San = Y.H. San = SpookySan

Kassandra = WickdZoot = Sheare Bliss = Allison Reardon

Echonymph = Linda Shen

Jenna Tooms = Brownie

Jaime Lyn = JL

Elizabeth Iacono = Lola Ravenhill = Elizabeth Boyd-Tran = Rowan Darkstar

Raesharra = Faerax

Sacred Heart = Sixth Extinction

Shelba = ShelbaB = kits1013

D. A. Prewitt = Thalia D'Muse

Megan Reilly = eponine

Ms. Lillian = Delicate One

Ceilidh = CeilidhO = Ceilidh Paul

Nancy Nivling = SugarRush

Livasnaps = J. T. Filipek

Men Among Us
List of the men out there who are (or have been) writing!

Adam Crabb
Alistair McLean
Ary aka Arvy aka GH Ary
Brandon D. Ray
Brian Dubick
David Hearne
David S. (aka NakedManatee)
David Stoddard-Hunt
Dawson Rambo (aka XFBandit)
Dragan Antulov
Evan Black
Ford Luxem
Henry Lee
Justin Glasser
Larry Dechent
Martin Nantus
Martin Ross
Ned 'TG' Life
Paul Wartenberg
Plausible Deniability
Sacred Heart
Scott Miller
Sean Smith
Sean Spencer
Sixth Extinction
Steven Wagner
Tim Scott
X-Treme Unction

I'm putting this all the way at the bottom of the page because it's hard having to admit that someone in the fandom has plagiarized fics, but it is an unfortunate fact. You won't find any titles on these lists for XxaerogirliexX as she was outed for plagiarizing from other fandoms in order to create X-Files fics. That doesn't mean all of her stories are stolen, but it's hard not to view all her writing as suspect now. As such, we have chosen not to include her stories in order to err on the side of caution.