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This FAQ was created to answer commonly asked questions posted to the Lost and Found Message Board. It will help you find those pesky, elusive stories you're always looking for. If we haven't answered your question here, please post it at the Lost and Found. The folks there are happy to help. And we all find new things to read in the process.

The X-Files Lost and Found Board

NOTE: We'd like you to be aware of a few things:

First, the themes lists are simply that--lists. We've tried to find as many stories as possible to fit each theme people seem to be interested in. These aren't recommendations. In fact, many of them probably haven't even been read. In other words, there is no lifeguard on duty--swim at your own risk!

Second, there are some funky and strange themes here, so choose wisely. If you are easily squicked, you might want to avoid clicking on lists like BDSM, Kink, etc. The stories on the lists are not FDA approved or safety tested.

And finally, the stories we are all talking about are based on characters from The X-Files, which is the property of many different people, not a single one of whom has anything to do with this website. We mean no infringement and are not making any profit. It's just for fun, guys!

If you've enjoyed the lists collected here, please consider making a small donation toward the upkeep of this site. All moneys received will go directly to paying for site space in order to keep this archive open. Everyone who works on the lists or the site itself is a volunteer (meaning unpaid). We maintain these pages because we love the fic as much as y'all do and we want it to stick around a while. Thank you for your generous support, in every sense of the word, over the years.