X Symbol X-Files Lost and Found FAQ
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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.

{G} = Gossamer {A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy {W} = Whispers of X

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F. The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others. Enjoy!

An Agent Walks Into a Bar...
(Mulder and Scully meeting at a bar)

At the Beach

Auctioned Off
(at a charity auction)

Bars and Nightclubs and Dancing
(don't forget the Drunk and Altered States lists)

Batter Up!
(playing, watching or talking about the Great American Pastime)

Birthday Stories


Christmas Stories

Class Reunions

Cruisin' Together
(on an ocean cruise)

Dancing Together

From R & R to MSR
(Mulder and Scully go on vacation together and come back as a couple)

Gift Giving

Going to the Ball
(attending some sort of dress-up occasion)

Going to the Fair
(our state fair is a great state fair!)


He Shoots! He Scores!
(playing, watching or talking about hoops)


Mulder's Birthday

My Funny Valentine
(Humorous Valentine stories. Also see Valentine's Day)

New Year's Eve/Day

Playing Games
(twenty questions, go fish, truth or dare, etc.)

Rest and Relaxation
(they finally use that vacation time they have saved up)

Saint Patrick's Day

Scully Family Vacation

Scully's Birthday

Sports of All Kinds
(playing, watching, or talking about any sport
other than baseball or basketball)


Valentine's Day
(see My Funny Valentine for the funny stuff)

Strutting His/Her Stuff
(stripping and modeling stories)