X Symbol X-Files Lost and Found FAQ
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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.

{G} = Gossamer {A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy {W} = Whispers of X

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F. The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others. Enjoy!

A story written just for the FAQ:

"The Shortest Anal Sex Story Ever" by Telsa

69, Dude!

Accidental Glimpses
(someone accidentally sees someone else naked)

Anal Sex
(Mostly heterosexual)

Angry Smut

Bad Boy Mulder

Basement Sex
(Sex in the office or elsewhere in the Hoover Building)

Bathtubs, Bathrooms and Showers
(oh, my!)

(solo activities)

(broken into categories on the list)

Car Sex

Caught in the Act




Faking It


Fantasy Realized

(Not just any old smut, but stories in which foreplay is the focus.)

Frantic Kisses, Long Delayed
(they've waited long enough)

Fuzzy & Furry
(pubic hair - or a lack of it - in the spotlight)

Going Commando
(somone's not wearing their underwear!)

Got Milk?
(Mulder gets a taste of Scully's breast milk)



Hung Like A H...
(stories in which Mulder is very well... well, gifted)

In My Dreams

Internet Stories
(rated NC-17)

Interracial Relationships

It Happened on a Couch

It Only Takes One Time
(Pregnant the first time out)

Just Relieving Tension
(Stories with sex, but no Deep Abiding Love. Or in which they say, "Just this one time.")


Kitchen Fic

Less-then-Perfect Sex
(not bad sex, just a tiny bit more realistic)


Make-up Sex

Manual Labor
(From the Latin: "Manu" = by hand, "Laboro" = orgasm ::wink::)

Marathon Sex

Mile High Club

(sex before mirrors)

The Morning After the Night Before
(or, Their Second Time)

Mrs. Robinson
(stories about young Mulder and an older woman)

Mulder Seduces Scully

Mulder Was Never Abducted
(but Scully's still pregnant post-Requiem)

Non-Bed Sex

Non-Consensual Sex
(including roleplaying and recovery/survival stories)

Nookus Interruptus
(Interrupted or delayed gratification)

Not My Videos
(featuring the infamous video collection - or other porn)

Oral Fixations
(talented mouths)

Phone Sex
(rated NC-17)

Pregnancy Smut


Public Relations
(Y'know... relations! <wink, wink> <nudge, nudge>)


Safeword stories

Scully is In Charge
(in the bedroom)

Scully Seduces Mulder

Sex Addiction


Sizzling Sex
(especially good smut)


(male/male or female/female couples)

Soulmate Smut

(Spanking stories to go with the tickling stories toward the end.)

Spoon Fic
(snuggling and spooning)

Squishy Pants (and Panties)
(featuring Mulder's attempts to impregnate his zipper)

Sweaty Fic

Taking It Slow

There's a First Time for Everything
(Their first time together)

They Couldn't Help Themselves
(they can't stand to wait anymore)



Toy Stories
(yes, THAT kind of toy)

Vertical Snuggling

Vibrating Panties

Virgin Territory
(stories in which one person has never had sex)

We Can Be Quiet
(Sex at Mom's house)