X Symbol X-Files Lost and Found FAQ
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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.
{G} = Gossamer
{A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy
{W} = Whispers of X

Scully Stories

Evil Scully

Filthy Rich Scully


Nearly-Dead Scully

Possessive Scully

Pregnant Scully

Pre-X-Files - Scully Only

Scully Delivers
(her own or someone else's baby)

Scully Hates Diana

Scully In an Abusive Relationship

Scully In Charge
(in the bedroom)

Scully Is Hurt/Mulder Comforts Her

Scully Is Immortal

Scully is Shot

Scully is Stalked

Scully is a Vampire


Scully Leads the Investigation

Scully Leaves


Scully/Other Leading to MSR

Scully Pops the Question
(she asks Mulder to marry her)

Scully Seduces Mulder

Scully Snaps
(goes crazy, looney tunes, 'round the bend)

Scully Torture

Scully's Birthday

Scully's Not Pregnant & Mulder Never Left

Scully's Wild Past

Scullycentric Stories
(stories that feature or focus on Scully)

Skinner and Mulder Spoil Scully

Suicidal Scully

(she has supernatural powers of some sort)

(she knows what she wants & she wants it now)

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F.
The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others.


Mulder Stories

Bad Boy Mulder

(Fake) Bad Guy Mulder

(Real) Bad Guy Mulder

Caring, Protective, Alpha-Male Mulder
(Scully's being harrassed and Mulder helps her deal with it)

Cruel Mulder

Daddy Mulder

Daddy Mulder Lays Down Rules

Filthy Rich Mulder

He's Baaack!
(other characters react to Mulder rising from the dead)

He's Alive!

Hung Like a H...
(Mulder is very... well, gifted)


Mulder Cares for Scully's Child

Mulder Delivers
(someone's baby)

Mulder Has a Chip

Mulder Has Cancer

Mulder In an Abusive Relationship

Mulder Is a Single Dad

Mulder Is Hurt/Scully Comforts Him

Mulder is Shot

Mulder is Stalked

Mulder is a Vampire

Mulder/Melissa Scully


Mulder/Other Leading to MSR

Mulder Seduces Scully

Mulder to the Rescue

Mulder Was Abducted But Returned in a Different Way

Mulder Was Never Abducted
(but Scully's still pregnant)

Mulder, You're Crazy
(goes crazy, looney tunes, 'round the bend)

(stories that feature or focus on Mulder)

Mulder's Birthday

Possessive Mulder

Pre-X-Files - Mulder Only

Professor/Teacher Mulder

Profiler Mulder

Romantic Mulder

(he knows what he wants & he wants it now)

Strutting His Stuff
(stripping and modeling stories)

Suicidal Mulder

(he has supernatural powers of some sort)

Scully Friends & Family

Ahab is Alive!

Bill Scully Stories

Charlie Scully Stories

Daniel Waterston Stories

Emily Stories

Emily is Still Alive

Ethan is Still Around

It's Bill's Fault

Maggie Scully Stories

Maggie to the Rescue

Matthew Scully

Mean Maggie Scully

Melissa Scully Stories

Mulder/Melissa Scully

Non-Canon Siblings
(Scully has siblings we didn't see on the show)

She's Alive!
(Stories in which Missy is really alive)

Scully Family Skeletons

Scully Family Vacation

Mulder Friends & Family

Diana Fowley

The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen to the Rescue

Non-Canon Siblings
(Mulder has siblings we didn't see on the show)

Phoebe Green

Samantha's Fate

Scully Hates Diana

Other Characters

Back For an Encore
(second appearance by a canon
villain - not post-ep)

Baby William

Best Supporting Role
(featuring supporting characters from the show)

Colton Gets His

Daddy Doggett

Doggett/Reyes Kids

Doggett/Reyes Romance

Gibson Praise

John Kresge


The Kurt Crawfords

Like A Sister
(adult Samantha from Redux II)

Little Brother William

Luke is Still Alive

Memorable Original Characters

Non-Canon Kids

Non-Canon Siblings
(someone has siblings we didn't see on the show)

Odd Pairings




Pendrell slash

Pregnant Reyes

Reggie Purdue

Monica Reyes


Skinner's Secretary