X Symbol X-Files Lost and Found FAQ
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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.

{G} = Gossamer {A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy {W} = Whispers of X

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F. The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others. Enjoy!

(Please also see the Sex and Sexuality list)

After All These Years
(reunited after a separation)

The Agents Fight to Reunite

Baby Steps
(taking their time from UST to RST - also see the Taking it Slow list)

Backrubs and Massages

Bee/Hallway Stories


Breakups or Divorce

Caring, Protective, Alpha-Male Mulder
(Scully's being harrassed and Mulder helps her deal with it)

Cheating On Each Other

Clean and Sexy stories

Couch Potatoes

Established Relationship
(stories which start with M & S in an established relationship)

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Frantic Kisses, Long Delayed
(they've waited long enough)

Golden Years
(Stories set in their older years)

Got Milk?
(Mulder gets a taste of Scully's breast milk)

Grandpa Mulder, Grandma Scully

He Said, She Said

I Never Knew Until . . .
(finding out about the other's feelings in an unusual way)




Interracial Relationships

Just Pretending
(going on a date or attending a function just for appearance sake)

Just Sleeping Together
(not having sex ... yet!)

Keeping Her Safe
(Mulder forces Scully to leave in order to keep her safe)

Keeping Him Safe
(Scully leaves Mulder in order to keep him safe)

The Kiss in the Hall

(may include non-sex stories)

Living In Hiding

Lost Memories of MSR
(someone has amnesia and forgot the 'ship)

Love Beyond Death

Making a Baby
(recruited to help Scully conceive)

Making the Rules
(setting down the rules of the 'ship)

Married for an Assignment

Mulder and Scully Married

Mulder/Other Leading to MSR

Mulder Seduces Scully

Mulder Was Never Abducted
(but Scully's still pregnant post-Requiem)

Possessive Mulder

Possessive Scully


Quiet Life
(tending the garden, going to Little League, living the quiet life)

A Real Date!



Ring Fic
(Arcadia rings, Travelers rings, all kinds of rings)

Romantic Mulder

Scully In Charge
(in the bedroom)

Scully Leaves

Scully/Other Leading to MSR

Scully Pops the Question
(she asks Mulder to marry her)

Scully Seduces Mulder

Scully's Not Pregnant & Mulder Never Left

Secretly Married

Shaky Start

Solace in Grief
(comforting each other)

(someone gets scared and runs away)

Sweet and Comfortable MSR

Taking it Slow
(Please also see the Baby Steps list)

Tender Loving Care

There's A First Time For Everything
(Their first time together)

They Couldn't Help Themselves
(they can't stand to wait any longer)

Toe-Curling Kisses

Too Hot to Undress

True Confessions
(also see Dirty Little Secrets)


Unresolved Sexual Tension