X Symbol X-Files Lost and Found FAQ
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The lists now include a location and rating code for most titles, along with URLs to appropriate sites.

{G} = Gossamer {A} = The Annex
{M} = Mulder in Jeopardy {W} = Whispers of X

No location/rating means you'll need to Google for it or ask at L&F. The "How To Find That Story" page has links to these sites & many others. Enjoy!


The Agents Fight to Reunite

Back For an Encore
(second appearance by a canon villain - not post-ep)

Charged with a Crime

Bombs, Bombers, and Bombings

(also see Profiler!Mulder list)

Colton Gets His


Don't Dis my Partner! (or Agent!)
(One partner defends the other or Skinner defends either of them)

The Early Years
(Stories based on the first few seasons)


(Fake) Bad Guy Mulder

A Force to Be Reckoned With
(together, they're stronger)

Framed for a Crime

Getting Their Due
(They finally get the credit they deserve)


Hand-to-Hand Combat

In the Media Spotlight

Legends in Their Own Time

Male Chauvinists

Married for an Assignment

Mulder Was Abducted But Returned in a Different Way

On the Small Screen
(TV appearances)

Profiler Stories
(also see Casefiles)

Real Jobs

Returning from Antarctica

Safe House

Seminar/Team Building Fic

Separation Anxiety
(Mulder falls apart when Scully threatens to leave or is forced to leave)

Serial Killers

Sexual Harassment


Stuck Undercover

Trapped at the Hoover Building